Turgut Özal Bulvarı İdeal Sitesi C Blok No:127/5 İdealtepe Maltepe İstanbul Türkiye

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Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Investor: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Maltepe Municipality

Date: 2020

Built Area: 65.000 sqm

Type: Mixed Use Building- Performance Art Center & Sport Complex

Status: Proposal


This project has been prepared by DEEX.Office for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Maltepe Municipality. The main motivation and reference for the project is public areas, green spaces and relations with human. Based on this reference: -Created alternative places to the shopping center typology such as open space trade areas, public and semi public areas, amfi-theater.. -Preferred low medium density and horizontal construction. -Integrated pedestrianized street and square continuity with alternative transportation system.